New Amazon Feature Is Not Friendly to Brands

Walmart‘s continued efforts to integrate e-commerce with its physical stores seem to be paying off: the retailer recently announced a 30 percent increase in e-commerce sales in the second quarter of 2013. Walmart’s CEO of global commerce mentioned the company doubled the number of products available online in the first half of 2013, which surely has something to do with the healthy growth in sales.

Speaking of e-commerce development, Amazon recently added a new feature: product comparison charts created by the retail site itself, rather than by the brand. An example from this product page:


These charts feature competitor products as well as other products from the same brand. They’re also located above a brand’s product description and include an add-to-cart button for every product in the chart. I started by searching for a Samsung laptop, and, using the new comparison chart, I was looking at an Asus laptop (and a chart full of other Asus laptops) within three clicks. What will brands think of this new feature?


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