New Amazon Marketing Services Feature: Estimated Win Rate

Amazon has been steadily introducing new features to improve their paid advertising platform Amazon Marketing Service (AMS). Its newest feature is a new campaign metric called Estimated Win Rate (Est. Win Rate or EWR). This new metric is similar to Google Adwords’ Impression Share: both metrics give campaign managers the percentage of times a given ad won an ad auction.

With Amazon’s new Estimated Win Rate metric, brands can further evaluate whether they are getting the most out of campaign keywords. For example, if the EWR is high but Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is low, then the campaign should be changed—that keyword is not performing as expected.

Estimated Win Rate: How It Works

In the AMS dashboard, an exact Win Rate value is not given. Instead, the dashboard shows an estimated EWR within the following 5 bucket ranges:

  • 0-25%
  • 25-50%
  • 50-75%
  • 75-90%
  • 90% up

So far, the Estimated Win Rate feature is limited to just Headline Search Campaigns and there is no word yet on when this might be available to other Amazon ad types.  Additionally, the metric is only being shown for keywords with high traffic volumes.  As EWR is based on previous 30-day keyword performance, there needs to be a statistically significant traffic volume to give accurate data.

To find this new metric, take a look at the keyword level view of the Headline Search Campaigns:

Amazon Marketing Services Estimated Win Rate

AMS has not only introduced a new metric, but it has also included a feature to change bids to target different Win Rate buckets. The Estimated Win Rate column includes both the Win Rate estimate and a sliding scale button. Sliding the scale to the left or right allows one to easily raise or lower the keyword bid to hit their desired Win Rate bucket.

How Can Advertisers Use This Data to Increase Their AMS ROAS?

A core part of a campaign manager or digital marketer’s job is to discover new or missed opportunities for increased revenue in a campaign. Sometimes, this can mean toiling through and manipulating data on a massive spreadsheet to find revenue increasing insights. However, with the Estimated Win Rate column a campaign manager can quickly determine missed opportunities within the campaign on the keyword level.

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