New Content26 Service Accelerates Product Launches

We’re excited to announce that we can now take care of all your New Item Setup needs. We decided to offer this service after seeing the problems our clients were having with this basic, yet crucial, aspect of content merchandising.c26-item-setup-logo2

New Item Setup refers to the spreadsheets each vendor is required to fill out prior to listing new products on retail sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot. That’s right, we’ll take on those big ugly spreadsheets and make sure they get filled out quickly and accurately. We can handle New Item Setup projects of up to 1,500 SKUs in less than two weeks.

“The New Item Setup solution we’ve developed gets vendors’ products to market faster and maintains accuracy across all of their sales channels,” notes content26 President Mark White.

Affordable Approach to Item Setup

Not only does New Item Setup ensure consistency and accuracy across retailers, it’s also an economical way to launch new products. Basic item setup starts as low as 80 cents per item. And if you need more than the basics, we can also populate your setup sheets with comprehensive product descriptions, bullets, titles, and other descriptive text that will engage your customers and increase your sales.

If you’re interested in learning more about this new service, join our webinar on the topic later this month. Look for an invitation next week. Additionally, feel free to contact our sales lead David Zimmerman for more information.

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