The New Definitive Guide to Amazon Marketing Services

In October of 2016, content26 released the Definitive Guide to Amazon Marketing Services, a comprehensive document designed to help vendors increase visibility and sales on the platform. This week, we’ve updated our popular AMS guide with new and updated information including an AMS case study.

This guide helps vendors who were new to AMS to understand its key features, including the three basic AMS ad-types, how campaigns are structured, and how AMS differs from advertising with Google. It also offers tips for running successful campaigns and outlines why it is important to pair year-round ad campaigns with regularly optimized dynamic product page content.

Guide to AMS

The Benefits of Strategically Managed Campaigns

Since content26 started managing AMS campaigns for our clients, they have seen a 19% decrease in average cost per click, a 55% decrease in advertising cost of sales, and more than a 2x increase in return on ad spend. When these campaigns are combined with our content services, clients have increased their AMS revenue by more than 700%.

We consider ourselves pros at creating, optimizing, and reporting on Amazon Marketing Services. But AMS is still a relatively new service, and as it has grown and evolved, so have the best practices for operating within it.

As such, we have revamped our Definitive Guide to Amazon Marketing Services to reflect the new information we’ve gathered over the previous year.

What’s New in Version 2.0

Our new Definitive Guide offers updated statistics, expanded explanations of AMS features, and more robust advice for keeping advertising costs down and creating a dynamic shopping experience for customers.

The updated guide also includes a detailed case study of a client who tasked content26 with restructuring campaigns for over 50 beverage products. In this case study, we break down how approaching the campaigns more strategically resulted in a dramatic return on ad spend for the client.

Download our new Definitive Guide to Amazon Marketing Services and learn how to get the most out of your AMS campaigns.

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