New Online Toy Store, and Building Brand Trust

Scoot Over, Santa Claus

Amazon-owned Quidsi is currently launching an e-toy store,, which, if it takes after its grandaddy, could quickly become the biggest and best online toy store in the known universe. As reported by Andrew Couts of Digital Trends, the new e-commerce site already features more than 20,000 “wow-worthy” toys. One of the most notable aspects of YoYo is that you can share the same virtual shopping cart across Quidsi’s other e-stores, which include one for pets, one for babies, one for soap, among others. I took a quick gander at the new toy site, and what jumped out at me was the degree of organization. The categories are intuitive, and searching by age–quite exactly–seems like a real bonus.


Building Trust for E-Commerce

As with any relationship, trust is paramount when it comes to connecting with potential customers online. Luckily, Rob McCleod of Econsultancy posted five easy keys to earning and keeping trust online. A big one is to strive for simplicity and accessibility with your website. Unnecessarily complex design or content confuses and irritates consumers, and can even lead them to be suspicious. Other big things to remember are the use of testimonials, transparency of pricing, and interactive engagement.

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