New Paths in Multichannel Integration

House of Fraser Focuses on Multichannel Integration

In an effort to more effectively measure its online campaigns, UK retailer House of Fraser has enlisted help from TagMan, a real-time attribution and tag management company. Like many other retailers, House of Fraser has until this point focused its attention on a last-click model, causing its marketing campaigns to focus solely on the activity that occurs during a consumer’s final visit to a site.

TagMan will depart from this approach by replacing House of Fraser’s existing tags with universal container tags and then re-housing those tags in its independent tag management system. Universal container tags efficiently gather data to be reported together in a single tag-management system, benefiting marketers by providing them with a streamlined interface that can be managed directly from its website.

Within this simplified interface, TagMan’s system will allow House of Fraser’s marketing team to move away from driving individual clicks and instead build campaigns that address the diverse elements working together to attract and convert consumers. This more nuanced approach is expected to provide House of Fraser with valuable insight into the influence of its non-paid media channels, such as its website and SEO.

House of Fraser’s decision to work with TagMan is part of a broader move toward effective multichannel integration, which includes the launch of its new mobile website and additional work with O2 to deliver personalized targeting to House of Fraser’s O2 customers. A quick look at their website, however, reveals one key omission from their embrace of new paths in e-commerce. Though the website was recently redesigned using data from marketing research consultants ForeSee, none of the product pages currently carry product descriptions! Hopefully this lack of content will be addressed in their continued attempt to stay ahead of competitors.


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