New Technology and the In-Store Experience

Before I jump into today’s newsy topic of brick-and-mortar stores, content, and flexibility, here’s a little tribute to our week’s topic of QR codes:

Doonesbury QR Code comic

The emergence of QR codes and other new technologies has all kinds of implications for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. How can physical stores adjust to a new era of technology-savvy consumers? Deloitte conducted a survey to find out. In their Store 3.0 report, they outlined how stores can begin to address the challenges new gadgets and systems bring. Unsurprisingly, they observed that mobility and the ability to adapt to new technologies on the fly will help the top tier of retailers stay where they want to be.

Bringing the right technology into the brick-and-mortar environment can have a significant impact on sales, as consumers take the initiative to educate themselves. However, Deloitte’s report also suggested that in-store sales talent need to be more educated about products than they currently are, since consumers can fact-check on the fly. The sales force should also focus on becoming brand ambassadors in an effort to keep consumers coming into physical stores for the experience.

There’s a lot of fear that brick-and-mortar stores will fold under pressure from new technology, like smartphones that can quickly locate deals at other stores or online sites. The Store 3.0 model that Deloitte suggests would combine new technology with the in-store experience, making physical stores a consumer-directed, personalized atmosphere that keeps customers engaged with brands and willing to make purchases on the spot.

Read the full analysis at Also check out our recent interview post for a glimpse into how one expert envisions the role of technology in the brick-and-mortar atmosphere.

Bonus Analysis!

As you may have heard, Facebook has filed the initial IPO paperwork. That’s not really interesting in and of itself, because now there will be months of thumb-twiddling and negotiating. But Facebook did address some key issues for the e-commerce world, like payment options, in the filing. An exciting day for the world of F-commerce.

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