News Round-up: Search Reports


Visual Search and E-Commerce Gain Momentum

Maija Palmer at Financial Times ( has outlined some of the inroads that visual search technology has been making into e-commerce. For those not yet in the know (and this may be A LOT of us), visual search is when your electronic device identifies something in the real world, like advertisement text or an object, and sends you the corresponding product information. Like that car in the parking lot? Point your device at it and see onscreen what model it is, the MSRP, and the MPG (provided you have the app).

No, really. Visual search technology offers exactly that kind of informational access. And it’s being developed.

Consider the ramifications this emerging technology will have on what we think about when we think about e-commerce. Searches as we know them will be affected, but how? And what about content? What about the content…

Eventually, it all comes back to content, no matter how we shop.

Read the article at (registration required).

I Add Keywords to My Content for Improved SEO Results, Right? …Right?

Contrary to what many think, adding keywords and key phrases to your content merchandising is NOT necessarily the best practice for getting positive SEO results.

“What?!” you ask.
“Yup,” we say.

In fact, with tongue in cheek, Andrew Redfern at Hit Search asks this rhetorical question: “… if you want your website to turn up in that search, the best thing to do would be to literally stuff your pages with that keyword or key phrase, right?¬†Wrong!”

You read correctly. Do NOT “stuff your pages with that keyword or phrase.”

New to SEO? Or just puzzled by this? Give Mr. Redfern’s article a look at

ROPO Cops: Tracks Conversion Rates Across the Web

Fireclick is a web analytics provider that lets you track conversion rates across all e-commerce pages within your industry–or for a high-altitude bird’s eye view, you can see conversion rates across all industries. Use their services to check if first-time visitors are making more purchases this week than last in the electronics market segment. What’s the average session length in fashion page viewing this week as opposed to last? And how does your own company’s page compare to how the industry is performing overall?

Head to to find out. It’s all right there. And it’s updated for every week.

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