O3 USA Case Study: Small Company Scores Big Online Sales

Content26 recently created enhanced product content for O3 USA, a Virginia-based company specializing in kid-size backpacks and travel gear. We’re happy to report that O3 has seen a jump in e-commerce sales and decrease in return rates since launching the pages earlier this year.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

O3 lifestyle image What makes the O3 pages successful? “They do a great job of showing off all the special features that makes O3 backpacks stand out from the competition,” says Eve Gruschow, who managed the project for content26.

All O3 backpacks include an insulated front pocket that can double as a lunch cooler, eliminating the need for a separate lunch box. They are also specifically sized for toddlers, but with funky, big-kid designs such as camouflage, tie dye, or a set of angel wings.

It’s All About the Customer

The O3 pages include scannable text that outlines the features and benefits as well as lifestyle and product photos.

“We found out that parents are doing so much product research online,” O3 founder Hans Halmen notes. “Having detailed product descriptions has allowed us to educate potential buyers about what our products have to offer.”O3 backpack product image

The description and photos also hammer home the point that these backpacks are built for toddlers and would not fit a 10-year-old’s three-ring binder, a common cause of confusion and returns.

At the end of the 2012 back-to-school season, O3’s preschool all-in-one backpack was a best seller online, an impressive feat for a company less than two years old.

View the full O3 case study (PDF).


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