Omnichannel Everywhere: a Twitter Roundup of Summit 2014 Summit 2014 has come and gone, and it all happened just a few blocks from content26’s palatial Belltown headquarters. It’s a beautiful thing to see so much e-commerce excitement in Seattle and on Twitter, particularly since we don’t usually find a lot of kindred spirits prone to getting as excited about online selling and shopping as we do.

Now that the excitement has died down and the Sellpoints party van has driven away, let’s look at the highlights from Twitter. Surely you didn’t think a conference around online selling could pass without a substantial social media footprint. Check out #shoporg14 for your own tour of the many, many, many online correspondents wandering the floors of the Washington State Convention Center.

@shoporg extended a warm welcome to all 5,400 attendees.

And started things out with some highly motivating stats.

Omnichannel was a major theme in this year’s Summit tweets, with several major retailers weighing in. But first: a definition, courtesy of IBM.

Retailers as disparate as Saks Fifth Avenue and Target are seeing the possibilities of how a robust online presence can complement and build on sales in physical stores.

 REI’s Brad Brown made a big splash with his exploration of the customer journey (a bit different than the consumer decision journey, but related). You can see an excerpt here. 

And they have ample reason to invest heavily in digital. REI has unique ways of tracking movement between their website and their physical stores, something we’ll explore in an upcoming blog post.

The effect of that stat was felt pretty immediately at the event.

 Other companies, such as Zulily, have realized their mobile presence is crucial to growth. 

The conference also included rumblings of challenges and opportunities to come.

 Including next year’s host city, Philadelphia.

We hear good things about the hoagies, so e-commerce nerds have that to look forward to.

Next convention stop for content26: LavaCon in Portland, October 13-15. content26 will be there, rapturously listening and tweeting with everyone else. We hope you say hi!

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