Online Retailers Strive to Answer Shoppers’ Questions

User Generated Revolution

User-generated content can empower online shoppers.

Studies show that online shoppers rely heavily on user-generated content when doing product research.

But what happens when there are no user reviews for a product? Or when there are hundreds of user reviews, but none of them seem relevant? Or when there are plenty of glowing reviews, but none of them seem trustworthy? That’s where TurnTo comes in. Based on the notion that relevant, helpful answers increase conversion rates, TurnTo gets past customers to answer product questions for prospective customers.

User-Generated Content’s Social Side

“There are some people who simply prefer to get information in the more interactive way rather than researching for it, and there are people who are suspicious of the credibility of reviews,” TurnTo founder George Eberstadt said in a recent interview with Practical eCommerce.

This fresh content also helps with search engine optimization (SEO), Eberstadt notes.

“While conversion is part of the value here, another big part is the search-engine-optimization benefit. Having fresh, changing user-generated content that’s indexable directly on the product detail page has really become best practice for getting SEO organic traffic,” he says.

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