Philips Sonicare Case Study: Quickly and Effectively Creating Content for Multiple Retailers

Brushing TeethWith numerous websites in the online marketplace, companies who sell online need easy ways to manage content on all their product pages. Philips Sonicare conquered this challenge by creating a multichannel strategy that gives the brand consistency and lets them turn content around quickly, with the help of content26.

Spread the Word

When Philips Sonicare launches new products, the company works with content26 to create accurate descriptions of the products, which can then easily be tweaked for each site and disseminated across online retail channels. Ultimately, this makes it easy for consumers to research products without being confused out of a purchase by conflicting information.

Diversify Across Channels

Philips Sonicare toothbrushesThis kind of multichannel strategy also helps Philips Sonicare turn content around quickly. When the brand wanted to get product information on, it was ready in less than one week.

“We were so lucky we didn’t have to start from scratch,” notes Amanda Greenberg, the company’s digital marketing manager. “We were able to leverage the great content we had created for other channels and use it to create customized product pages for Target.”

As online sales continue to grow, the importance of having a strategy to control information on each site will grow as well. Philips Sonicare has set themselves up for success with consistent content that is easy to manipulate.

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