Prime Day 2022 By the Numbers

Prime Day 2022

Whenever a major e-commerce shopping event such as Prime Day comes and goes the first natural follow-up question is: how’d we do?

During the lead up to Prime Day 2022, more and more anec-data popped up anticipating a slump in the shopping holiday, despite the fact that Prime Day has grown year over year since its debut in 2015.

The reasons for these glum predictions were varied: ongoing supply-chain issues, inflation woes, increased e-retailer competition, a natural backswing to the e-commerce explosion fueled by COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021.

Now, more than three weeks after the July 12–13 event, the results are in, and by some metrics it was the biggest Prime Day ever.

Over the course of 48 hours, Prime members purchased some 300 million items—that’s more than 100,000 items per minute, and more than the 250 million estimated items purchased during Prime Day 2021.

Here at content26, our clients enjoyed some serious successes of their own. Below, a few top-line numbers of which we’re particularly proud:

Content26 Amazon DSP clients:

  • An average year-over-year sales increase of 97.26%
  • An average year-over-year ROAS increase of 127.74%

Content26 Amazon AMS clients:

  • An average year-over-year sales increase of 602%
  • An average year-over-year ROAS increase of 295%

How did we do it? Best practices are a moving target when it comes to Amazon Advertising, and Amazon DSP in particular, so staying nimble and informed are key content26 values.

Proper preparation for Prime Day is essential but so is game-day responsiveness, so we make sure we have all the tools and team members in place to ensure we can monitor results and adjust keywords and bids in real time to help our clients achieve the results they want.

Maximizing your return on events such as Prime Day is critical for any brand that sells on Amazon. For help improving your brand’s Amazon performance on Prime Day and every day, reach out to content26.

If rumors are true that Amazon is planning a second Prime Day-like event this coming fall, the need may come sooner than you think!

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