Product Content Ebook: Advice for Getting Started

product content ebookI’m happy to announce that we published a product content ebook with our friends at Salsify: The 11 Rules to Deliver Product Content That Sells.

Our 11 rules are based on working with global brands over the years to create and deliver product content that makes consumers click the “Buy” button.

We wrote this 30-page product content ebook to help companies understand what they need to do to create strategic product page content on Amazon,,, and other online retailers.

Product Content Matters

Your product content gets you in front of consumers, giving them the information they need to make a purchase decision while shopping online.

In this product content ebook we cover topics such as:

• The right content (both basic and enhanced) for a product page
• How to optimize product content for the best search results
• How to ensure product content is accurate, consistent, and meets retailer guidelines

Make sure to download the ebook today and get started with product content.

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