Product Page Checkup–Keep Converting While Being Found

How Are You Treating Your Prospective Buyers?

As fall colds begin to make their rounds through the office and tissue consumption triples, it may be a good time to do a quick checkup on the health of your product pages. Amy Harrison, on Copyblogger, offers an antidote for weak pages that don’t convert at the rate you want. In a doctor-visit analogy, she prescribes telling your prospective customers what your product or service can do for them, just like we are always advocating. What problem do they have that your product can cure? Don’t be afraid to get specific. Next, Amy encourages us to pinpoint a cause of the problem before offering your product as a solution. An easily forgotten step, but this leads the customer to know more clearly why your product is the perfect solution.

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Be Found without Compromising on Conversion

Now that your product pages are up to snuff, it is time to make sure people can find these pages and be diagnosed and cured. Great advice from Lee Odden at TopRankBlog: “Consider who [your] target audience really is: search engines or customers?” His conclusion is that you can do both, but it takes extraordinary amounts of talent and chutzpah. Okay, I added the chutzpah–you have to be willing to fight for good copy on occasion. But with your talent, you can use keywords effectively and work with all departments to get all content on your site–and on other sites–optimized.

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