Rakuten Buy.com Looks Ahead to 2013

We’ve been following Rakuten Buy.com this year, as the company’s “merchant-centric” approach offers an interesting counterpoint to other large online retailers.

The retailer predicts that 2013 will bring with it:

  • A rise in curated commerce
  • A growing interest in specialist retailers
  • More mobile payment options and increased mobile integration
  • Increased video use on e-commerce sites

All of those seem like pretty safe bets. We’ll be most interested to see if Rakuten’s “shopping mall” vision for e-commerce catches on in 2013. If you’re interested in learning more about the company, be sure to check out our recent series, which includes a company overview and an interview with COO/CMO Bernard Luthi. Below, you’ll find Rakuten’s holiday infographic.

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