Reeling ‘Em in: Hook Page Views–and Customers–with Video

Internet Retailer reports the value of videos for luring in customers. Online health retailer saw an increase of more than 200 orders after adding an inexpensive, 90-second video to their site. Just the week before, IR posted an article informing readers that, once again, rich media topped the most effective survey list for drawing consumers.

“Weber says he’s been able to attribute at least 206 orders to customers who watched product videos…” – Allison Enright,

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While video helps in online merchandising, there are ways to make your efforts count for more. In fact, even in the pre-Panda era of Q3 2010, merchandising videos by many big players weren’t getting the index ranking they could have. Go to for a list of seven video SEO mistakes you may want to check out (and avoid!) as you develop or seek to improve your company’s online video presence.

For those of you whose videos don’t have any faults, Linda Bustos provides some tips on how to move them a few steps closer to the gold standard of customer attraction.

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When you do make a video for content merchandising purposes, YouTube is an obvious choice for a platform. YouTube? Really? You bet. Mark Robinson of ReelSEO attended a panel discussion at the SES Chicago Conference and published this useful guide. “‘How-To’ videos are perhaps the best overall strategy for SEO and viral marketing,” said panelist Greg Jarboe, president and co-founder of SEO-PR.

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And Speaking of Closed Captioning…

President Obama signed a bill requiring video producers to provide closed captioning. June–that’s right, this month–is the month Congress will provide its recommended requirements, including a timeline and technical specs. While it’s one to keep your eye on, it’s a good practice to begin now. It does more than win you points with the hearing-impaired community–CC can be picked up by the Googlebots swimming through your site.

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