Refining Targeted Content, On and Offline

Hey, Geo-Targeting Works

Mobile marketing platform Placecast and At&T partnered to test location-specific retail messages (ShopAlerts), including coupons, offers, and promotional content in four cities for one month earlier this year. The opt-in study included four major retailers, all Draftfcb clients, with specific challenges and goals. Customers received a relevant message when they were within a “geo-fence,” the set perimeter around any participating store or brand. The finding: Geo-targeted messages resulted in immediate action and significant conversion rates. The study also revealed that consumers are looking for more than traditional advertising and deals from brands: “[Brands] may not be able to offer a coupon or a deal, but consumers still want to learn more about products and that supports an awareness goal,” as Draftfcb’s CEO, Patrick Moorhead, explained. I don’t think it’s a stretch to connect that idea to our basic approach to content merchandising.

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New Step in F-Commerce Development?

The news on the (virtual) street is that Facebook will release four new buttons–“Read,” “Watched,” “Listened,” and “Want”–in the very near future, which will generate more specific information under the soon-to-be-umbrella “Like” button and provide new ways to track and sort content. Following recent changes to how users can share information and organize friends, no one can question Facebook’s goal of keeping up with–excuse me, surpassing–the functionality of its new competitor, Google+. Needless to say, this change is loaded with potential for advertisers and retailers using Facebook, too. Facebook users are, of course, engaged in a lively discussion about the change.

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