Retail Executives Decide Content Will Sell

Wayfair, the recently rebranded front of CSN Stores, has hired a magazine editor to develop their content. Apparently, they’re looking to fill a gap left by closing home magazines while selling more. Kristine Kennedy, the new editorial director, said she wants to give visitors “a reason to hang out with the Wayfair brand whether they are buying something that day or not.”

Developing media and pushing social engagement is not exactly a revolutionary plan, I know, but it highlights a changing perspective in the retail world; that being, editors are important and we should hire them. As the publishing industry continues to flail around and online retail continues to build an empire, this represents a serious opportunity for all those displaced creatives. Internet Retailer recently reported on a very similar move by the Gilt Groupe–they’ve hired three successful magazine editors in the past year. And,, a jewelry site, recently re-did their site to feature social media and create “an experience for visitors.” Sound familiar?

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