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SEO: Ask Yourself…


Ask yourself a series of key questions when optimizing your content for search.

Lee Odden, master of all content marketing things, says, “In all my time as an Internet marketer, no other combination of tactics has yielded results like search engine optimization and content.” With that in mind, he recently posted a  great article on TopRank Blog that offers a creative approach to SEO. Instead of just listing elements of SEO, Odden provides a list of questions we should ask ourselves when planning to optimize a piece of content. Answering questions like “What is [the content’s] key message?” and “How will this content inspire the reader to the next step?” can generate effective insight into how best to optimize while creating meaningful content.

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Brand Links

Stephanie Chang wrote an investigative post on brand links for SEOMoz. Last year, Google began producing a short list of top brands for searches of certain items, like jackets, tents, or sleeping bags (but not boots or burritos, for whatever no-doubt-unsatisfactory reason). Chang explains that search volume for certain brands can affect whether or not the brand name appears for related item searches. However, she found that search volume is not the only determinant. Other factors might include how often a brand name is used in the news or how frequently it is shared among social media.

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Google's brand link selections boost visibility and traffic.



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