Shopping Online to Avoid Salespeople? You’re Not Alone

Many shoppers might appreciate the smiling, ever-present sales assistants found in almost any store at the mall. At least, market researchers must think we appreciate them, because cheery folks asking “May I help you?” are a staple of the traditional shopping experience, as American as firearms and beef.

However, a new article in The New York Times examines the possibility that those obtrusive eager salespeople might actually be a turnoff to some shoppers.

The Times article includes input from several… I don’t know, random people who voice their general disdain for pushy salesfolks. One commenter explained that while some might like all the attention, she prefers a “more solitary shopping experience.” She’s not the only one who feels that way.

Online retail is a pure example of solitary, self-service shopping. It’s likely that the option of shopping online is a major factor in people realizing the annoyance of hovering sales assistants. Whereas it was once the status quo, the somewhat stressful prospect of walking into a store swarming with salespeople is now easily juxtaposed to the relative day-spa relaxation that is shopping online.


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