Solicitation, the Tease, and Breaking Rules: Adults-Only Edition

Controlling the Uncontrollable

What’s the one type of content that will influence your success and that you have absolutely no control over? Customer reviews. Whether a bane or a blessing, your customers will review products (and often customer service), and potential customers will read those reviews. It’s to your advantage to solicit reviews (ethically). Not sure how to do it? Use Search Engine Land‘s tips for developing a review acquisition strategy. Check out their infographic on the topic if you aren’t sure why you should care.

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The Art of the Tease (on Video)

We all know how important video is to content merchandising. (Right?) And that compelling, engaging video, as with all other forms of content, is the way to go. (Still with me?) But do you already know how to create that video? YouTube recently released a YouTube Creator Playbook that provides tips and best practices for garnering larger audiences. ReelSEO is kindly breaking down the playbook into a series of detailed posts for those of us who don’t have time to pore over all 70 slides. Part 1 deals with the hook–the first 15 seconds of a video. In short, they say “Get to know the art of the ‘tease.'”

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Breaking the Rules of Creativity with Templates

At Lateral Action, Mark McGuinness delves into the loaded topic of formulas in creativity. After pointing out an analysis of 200 award-winning advertisements in which researchers found that most entries could be classified into six basic templates, he asks: “Do you think it’s important for a creator to acquire a working knowledge of established templates, patterns and forms in their field?” We do–and we have an established formula we like. The comments are worth checking out, too.

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