Muscular Sales Growth, Solid Gold Content, and Magical Conversion

Sculpture Sale Illustrates E-Commerce Growth

These days, e-commerce seems to be growing faster than Arnold Schwarzenegger can flex his muscles. But unlike in the case of the former governor, trust (ahem) continues to expand for online sales. The Financial Times recently reported on a $3 million sculpture sold through, the most expensive piece of fine art to be sold through the Internet. The founder of, Hans Neuendorf, explains one reason Internet sales are expanding: “People are more confident about buying online.” If products are correctly merchandised, why shouldn’t they be?

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Solid Copywriting is a Bit Like Screenwriting

“Audiences don’t like fluff or irrelevance.” Repeat this phrase from Amy Harrison on Copyblogger every night as you brush your teeth, and your content and your teeth will benefit. Amy goes on to compare web content to screenwriting, illustrating the need to move your audience toward a goal (buying product) and convincing your audience that you are the correct person to buy from (revealing your character). Boiled down to its essence, everything guru Amy says can be summed up as this: for successful writing, check that everything you put on the web has a goal and a purpose.

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A Few Tips for Increasing Conversion

While it doesn’t have much to do with content, we couldn’t pass up sharing this article from Ramon Ray on Business Insider. He offers nine tips for increasing your conversion rate, like a Harry Houdini of the business world. The tricks up his sleeve include a clear and easy layout, being available 24/7 for your customer since the Internet never sleeps, offering stellar customer service, and always, always keeping your customer in mind.

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