Staples Focuses on Integrating Retail, Online

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Staples will launch a new strategic plan between now and 2015 that will attempt to turn the office supply retailer into an online presence that can compete with Amazon.

According to a recent article in the E-Commerce Times, the retailer wants to increase its online offerings and better integrate its brick-and-mortar stores with its online operations. To fund this transformation, Staples said it will institute a cost-cutting plan that will generate $250 million in savings by the end of 2015.

While Staples is not a top e-commerce player, the company has quietly been quietly investing in its IT infrastructure and supply chain. The company can “rapidly” and “efficiently” fill small business orders and deliver them virtually anywhere, Fred Lizza, CEO of Dydacomp, told the E-Commerce Times.

“Actually, Staples is much closer to an e-commerce powerhouse than you might think,” he said.

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