Stick, Drive, Convert: Your Product, Front and Center

As we discussed in the last post, companies need to create content that sticks and drives. It’s great that consumers can’t get that damn jingle out of their heads (or, as my five-year-old daughter recently said about a song I listen to a lot, “Daddy, I can’t get that tune out of my whistle.”) And yes, that two-for-one coupon code they have is a great deal, but do customers know exactly what you’re selling them?

ConvertThis leads us to the most undervalued and, in many ways, the most valuable content imperative:

Convert: This is where you seal the deal, get the credit card info, and shake hands.

But if your potential customers are rational, like most of us are, and have limited resources, like 99 percent of us do, you want to make sure they know what they’re buying.

Starring Your Product

This is where you, the manufacturer, have to take control of the product-detail content: descriptions, images, videos, demos, and 360-degree tours.

At this point, it’s all about the product.

No more jingles, no more coupons, no more billboard-style catchphrases. You need seventh-grade-level, geek-speak-free, user-benefit-rich content. Shoppers want to know: What does this product do? How will it make my life easier? Are batteries included?

This might sound simple, but most companies are throwing so much money and energy at stick and drive they forget the importance of creating a product page that will convert.

The Takeaway

Product pages should avoid market-speak to focus on the features and benefits of the product you’re trying to sell.

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