Amazon’s Offers Green Products and Local Shopping

By: Angela Delarmente   |   September 27, 2012

Quidsi, an Amazon-owned company, has added to its roster of specialty e-commerce sites. features sustainable, environmentally friendly products…

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Influencing the Influencers

By: Trinity Hartman   |   June 6, 2012

How can brands harness the power of influencers? By using them as content co-creaters. An article on suggests that the…

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Direct Sales Are Up, but Social Commerce Isn’t

By: Augustin Kendall   |   March 8, 2012

Social commerce. The term tallies as many hits as “Super Tuesday” on Google–which is not surprising, since both are rife…

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Pinterest is Proving the Power of Social Commerce

By: Augustin Kendall   |   February 29, 2012

Pinterest is a fashionable topic these days–predictions about the new social site are gaining ground amid pronouncements about Facebook‘s Timeline…

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Weekly Content Critique: Clorox Wipes

By: Augustin Kendall   |   February 17, 2012

Apropos of last month’s horror movie-inspired bloodbath theme, I investigated Clorox’s website this week. The company is taking content seriously,…

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Amazon Tests Urban Pick-Up Lockers

By: content26   |   December 6, 2011

Amazon Tests Urban Pick-Up Lockers In the midst of increasing competition between Google and Amazon to deliver goods inexpensively and…

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Marketing With a Story

By: Ryan Mallett   |   November 28, 2011

It’s Story Time Here’s a connection you won’t see too often: DARPA (the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and…

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Increase Conversion by Flaunting Your Style (Guide)

By: Augustin Kendall   |   November 10, 2011

Last month, I talked about how paying attention to spelling and punctuation can do wonders for your company’s credibility (and Google…

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Social Media and Branding are Propagating

By: Augustin Kendall   |   September 15, 2011

Microsites–New Social Media Branding Paradigm? This month’s post of The Behind the Social Media Campaign Series on Mashable highlights a few good examples…

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Will Inconsistency Hurt F-Commerce’s Chances?

By: Elizabeth Olmsted   |   September 15, 2011

Jay Dunn calls Facebook an ecosystem–it has certainly progressed beyond the point of website or social media channel. It has…

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