Content Merchandising

Amazon Tests Urban Pick-Up Lockers

By: content26   |   December 6, 2011

Amazon Tests Urban Pick-Up Lockers In the midst of increasing competition between Google and Amazon to deliver goods inexpensively and…

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The Content Marketing Debate and Why It Matters Less in China

By: Elizabeth Olmsted   |   November 16, 2011

Content, Content Marketing, Content Merchandising… What’s the Difference? The OpenView blog posted an excellent summary and analysis of a recent…

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Internet and Mortar, Great Product Copywriting

By: content26   |   November 15, 2011

Walmart Expands Its E-Commerce Strategy The fact that Walmart competes with nearly everyone in retail, with stores appearing aggressively in…

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Personal Connection Produces Brand Loyalty; Traditional Media Revival?

By: content26   |   October 31, 2011

Engagement Trumps Advertising for Content Marketing Happy Halloween. Yesterday, I momentarily assumed everyone had today off. But no, Halloween is…

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R-E-V-E-N-U-E: Win the Spelling Bee to Win the Sale

By: content26   |   October 20, 2011

Language is not quite as natural as breathing, but it’s not far behind (unless you’re a proponent of universal grammar,…

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Content Should Be Clear and Compelling: Is Yours?

By: Elizabeth Olmsted   |   October 19, 2011

Who Crowned This Nepotist, Anyway? Why is content king? Kimberly Krause Berg of the Search Engine People blog encourages us…

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Target’s New Site Still Missing the Mark

By: content26   |   October 17, 2011 took its final flight from Amazon‘s nest in August after putting two years into developing an in-house retail site….

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Out with the Gimmick, In with the Google Badge

By: Elizabeth Olmsted   |   October 5, 2011

Content Merchandising: Not a Slick-Haired Salesman As much as everyone just loved those door-to-door salesmen who somehow managed to pry…

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Good Content is Like a Zombie Sales Associate

By: content26   |   October 3, 2011

Content Never Quits (Just Like Zombies) Do you own The Zombie Survival Guide? If not, it’s probably because you never…

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ROPO: The Invisible Force

By: Will Giersch   |   September 19, 2011

Consumers Hesitant to Purchase, but Quick to Research Electronics Online A recent report from FOX Business says that even with…

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