The Halo Effect of Word Choice

By: Mark White   |   May 19, 2014

Apropos to my recent posts on Eyes Wide Open and the General Mills privacy policy fiasco, I wanted to share…

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Word Choice Carries Baggage

By: Mark White   |   April 29, 2014

Here’s a real-life example of how the nuance of word choice can undermine your intention when you get it wrong….

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How Word Choice Impacts Decision Making: Eyes Wide Open by Noreena Hertz

By: Mark White   |   April 28, 2014

Decisions are the lifeblood of every individual and organization. In a previous post I discussed three books that I’ve found…

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Did Hummingbird Kill the Big Bad Wolves of SEO?

By: Mark White   |   April 10, 2014

As technically complex a narrative that the fifteen years of documented Google algorithm updates have been–from Boston, the first named…

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Ensuring an Efficient Translation Process [webinar clip]

By: content26   |   October 24, 2012

Today we’re bringing you the third of four excerpts from our recent content26 webinar “How to Create Effective Global Content:…

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Macy’s Explores the Lure of Themed Content

By: content26   |   May 8, 2012

Macy’s has reached into the annals of department store history with a recent promotion. Their Brazil-themed marketing push, which officially…

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Too Many Cooks: The Perils of Content by Committee

By: content26   |   April 10, 2012

Over at Econsultancy today, Catherine Toole addresses one of the more lamented perils of creating effective, expertly written content: too-large groups…

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Compelling Descriptions for Mundane Products

By: Will Giersch   |   March 22, 2012

Many products are easy to make sound exciting: a DSLR camera, a high-tech mountain bike, or an iPad has no…

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Finding Your Audience Beyond Demographics

By: content26   |   December 19, 2011

I think we’re all guilty of occasionally writing for a target demographic instead of for real human beings. James Chartrand…

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Smart SEO for the Year of Content

By: Will Giersch   |   December 14, 2011

Best SEO Moves Toward Quality Content “Good, honest content to which other sites link impresses the hell out of Google,”…

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