The ROI of Agility and Pinterest

By: content26   |   October 1, 2013

Forrester analyst Martin Gill recently published a report titled “The ROI of Agile Commerce.” Agile commerce, for the uninitiated, is a…

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Rethinking the “Purchase Funnel”

By: Trinity Hartman   |   March 26, 2013

A new report by Forrester Research suggests that marketers need to stop looking at the purchase process as a “funnel”…

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Google and Amazon Top Destinations for Product Research

By: Trinity Hartman   |   August 28, 2012

Google tops the list of places online consumers go when making product purchase decisions. Of adults interviewed by Forrester Research,…

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Amazon’s Weak Spots (Yes, It Has Them)

By: Trinity Hartman   |   July 26, 2012

Forrester Research has released an in-depth look at how retailers can compete and coexist with Amazon. For many retailers, Amazon…

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