Mobile Commerce

Tapestry: Perfect Platform for Brand Storytelling?

By: Augustin Kendall   |   June 6, 2013

It’s been a while since we talked about the content and commerce model on CP, but a new app, Tapestry,…

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Design for Mobile Commerce: Recap

By: Augustin Kendall   |   May 15, 2013

Mobile devices have created new opportunities for retailers. This is not news. What is news these days is debate about…

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“Mobile is a Hurricane”

By: Trinity Hartman   |   May 1, 2013

Want to succeed in e-commerce? Focus on what customers will always want: fast delivery, low prices, and a wide range…

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Will Walmart’s Digital Reinvention Succeed?

By: Trinity Hartman   |   December 3, 2012

Walmart has launched a social gifting service, revamped the search results on its site, and closely linked its online and…

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Consumer Goods Companies Scramble to Keep Up with Mobile Commerce

By: Trinity Hartman   |   November 13, 2012

  The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has experienced a “chaotic and rapid shift in technology” in recent years. The…

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Understanding What “Distributed Commerce” Means for Content

By: Trinity Hartman   |   July 31, 2012

In a post on Econsultancy, Jasper Bell explores the notion that successful companies need to take a more “agile” approach…

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Staples Bets on Cross-Channel Shopping

By: Trinity Hartman   |   June 8, 2012

Staples might have the answer to the app vs. mobile site question: do both. In an effort to create a…

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QR Codes in Home Improvement: Kohler Nails It

By: Will Giersch   |   February 2, 2012

I recently wrote a post covering the basics of quick response codes and how they are being used by retailers…

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Refining Targeted Content, On and Offline

By: Augustin Kendall   |   September 21, 2011

Hey, Geo-Targeting Works Mobile marketing platform Placecast and At&T partnered to test location-specific retail messages (ShopAlerts), including coupons, offers, and…

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