Rakuten Invests in Online Shopping App Slice

By: Augustin Kendall   |   August 28, 2013

Rakuten recently invested a nice chunk of change in Slice, the startup behind an e-commerce app that uses data from…

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Rakuten’s New Visual Search: Not Quite Finished

By: Augustin Kendall   |   July 10, 2013

Rakuten is testing out visual search for its e-commerce site in Taiwan. The technology, developed by ViSenze, allows shoppers to…

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Buy.com Transitions to Rakuten Shopping

By: Breanne Boland   |   January 10, 2013

Two years ago, Rakuten bought the US-based Buy.com for $250 million. On January 31, Buy.com will redirect to Rakuten Shopping…

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Rakuten Buy.com Looks Ahead to 2013

By: Trinity Hartman   |   December 21, 2012

We’ve been following Rakuten Buy.com this year, as the company’s “merchant-centric” approach offers an interesting counterpoint to other large online…

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Product Videos Continue to Influence Online Sales

By: Trinity Hartman   |   November 12, 2012

The Japanese e-commerce giant Raktuen recently released a study about the growing importance of product videos in e-commerce. Rakuten, which…

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Rakuten Invests in “Citizen Commerce”

By: Trinity Hartman   |   September 18, 2012

The Japanese Internet company Rakuten continues to show interest in companies aiming to personalize the e-commerce experience, this time by…

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Rakuten Buy.com’s Bernard Luthi: “We Empower Merchants”

By: Trinity Hartman   |   August 15, 2012

When Rakuten bought the e-commerce upstart Buy.com in 2010, the site had already begun positioning itself as an alternative to…

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Rakuten Buy.com: A Merchant-Centric Approach to E-Commerce

By: Will Giersch   |   August 15, 2012

“Buy from people, not the Internet.” Among thousands of silly marketing slogans, the one shared by Buy.com and its Japanese…

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E-Commerce Giant Helping the Little Guy?

By: Trinity Hartman   |   August 7, 2012

As the head of Rakuten, the world’s third largest e-commerce company, Hiroshi Mikitani claims to have no qualms about taking…

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Can Rakuten Personalize E-Commerce?

By: Trinity Hartman   |   July 2, 2012

The Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has been turning heads in the United States, first by snapping up Buy.com and then…

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