Marianne Sweeny: The Threshold of Duplicate Content

By: Augustin Kendall   |   January 21, 2014

At content26, our standard party line has always been that unique content is worth the comparatively small increase in cost…

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REI Uses Social Video to Connect Fans to Products

By: Trinity Hartman   |   February 11, 2013

REI recently launched a social media campaign aimed at giving advice to customers looking for advice about outdoorsy gifts for…

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Weekly Content Critique: Taku Me, REI

By: Augustin Kendall   |   January 6, 2012

In honor of my visit to the mothership content26 office in December, I’m reviewing an REI product page today. They’re…

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Smartphones: Friend or Foe?

By: Will Giersch   |   November 17, 2011

As we’ve reported on numerous occasions, consumers are using their beloved smartphones to compare prices, check specs, and read product…

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