Target Tells Stories About Products

Target wants to go beyond product descriptions to tell consumers “stories about their products.” To that end, they’ve worked with an advertising agency to create an online magazine called “A Bullseye View.” Magazine content includes designer interviews, how-to articles, recipes, entertainment, and the like.

“We’ll never write about a specific product, but we will do a post on tips around decorating a home with our newest collection, for example,” Eric Hausman, senior group manager of PR and social media at Target told Digiday. “We’ve also done pieces around how a product came to life. It’s less promotional and subtle and makes ‘A Bullseye View’ more of a lifestyle site.”a-bullseye-view-screen-shotWe’re keeping our fingers crossed that Target will take its interest in content down to the product page level. There’s plenty of lively, informative content that can inform consumers on individual product pages, and Target has not taken advantage of this in the same way as companies such as Amazon and Toys R Us.

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