The Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Last year, Amazon accounted for 60% of all online sales in the U.S. If you’re selling on Amazon, you’d be wise to get the most out of your product pages.

The smartest way to do this is by creating A+ enhanced content (or simply A+ content). A+ content pages boost your discoverability on Amazon while also creating a better digital shopping experience for you customers.

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What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content goes a step beyond essential content by creating a rich online shopping experience. This enhanced content uses different elements to provide all the details online shoppers need to know about a product.

An Amazon A+ content page contains

  1. Multiple, varied product images, including different angles, close ups and lifestyle shots.
  2. A short, informative introduction explaining your product in 100 words or fewer.
  3. A concise list of bullets, with each line covering a main product feature and benefit.
  4. Supporting paragraphs with scannable headers that dive deeper into the features, benefits, and product specs.
  5. A “What’s in the Box” section listing all components of the products, so customers know exactly what they’re buying.
  6. Other elements may include videos, 360 product views, and a matrix (or comparison chart) for cross-selling items within a product family.

Want an example of a successful A+ page in action? Our breakdown of Calphalon’s A+ page shows you how it’s done.

Why Amazon A+ Content Work

No doubt about it: when it comes to online shopping, a product page represents the product on the shelf. Create a full, dynamic view of your product and you’ll increase sales and customer satisfaction. Here are some specific benefits of A+ content:

  1. Appeals to different shopping styles. Some shoppers scour each paragraph for every detail, while others scan headers and bullet points for a general overview. Images and videos offer a quick impression and appeal to visual learners. Comparison charts help cross-sell and inform shoppers off all the items within a product family. Learn how each element appeals to a different shopping styles with our Anatomy of an A+ Page infographic.
  2. Makes a stronger first impression. Amazon carries millions of products, so standing out is a must. A+ content helps you capture your customers’ attentions within
  3. Creates a full digital shopping experience. Quality A+ content serves as a digital sales and customer service team. Enhanced content builds consumer confidence, minimizes returns, and helps keep customers happy.

Let Us Build Your A+ Pages

Successful Amazon A+ content takes skill, that’s where we come in. Our strategic approach to A+ content has boosted online sales for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

We understand each step of the content lifecycle on Amazon–content creation, design, delivery, SEO, optimization, and analytics. We also help our clients make sense of Amazon’s extensive content requirements, while helping them maintain their brand identity on the site.