The Definitive Guide to Amazon Advertising

Amazon offers the largest product catalog on the Internet, and with more than 55% of shoppers beginning their product searches on the site, Amazon is a more popular search engine than Google for researching and buying products. With Amazon Advertising now the company’s fastest-growing segment by a significant margin, it’s essential for any brand selling on the site to have a solid Amazon Advertising strategy.

But where to start? Knowing the difference between sponsored product, headline, search, and display ads is confusing enough without Amazon rebranding and changing all their acronyms. To help your brand get up to date with the latest technologies and ins and outs of advertising on Amazon, content26 has created The Definitive Guide to Amazon Advertising.

A Comprehensive Look at Each Amazon Ad Type

This free ebook features everything vendors need to know to create and manage successful Amazon Advertising campaigns. Each ad type is broken down in detail, explaining where the ads appear, how they are presented, and how different audiences are uniquely targeted with a variety of search and display ads.

There are helpful tips for optimizing search campaigns, case studies of brands that have slashed their advertising costs with strategic campaign planning, and insights into new technologies Amazon is implementing to create more dynamic ecommerce ads. A Q&A section will help explain which strategies are best for your brand, with answers to frequently asked questions about budgeting and campaign types.

Tips for Creating the Product Page Content Customers Demand

Brands will also learn about best practices for product page content, as every Amazon Ad eventually leads to a product page for the sale. By combining Amazon Advertising with effective product page content, brands can boost their page’s performance in Amazon’s organic search results and increase sales, allowing strategically run campaigns to drive product discovery well after ads stop running.

Managed Campaigns Deliver Better Results

We’ve found that managed manual campaigns return roughly 3x the revenue of automated campaigns during the same time period. And not only do managed campaigns return more revenue, they also net significantly more impressions. With a smart Amazon Advertising strategy, your products will be seen by more people and sell more units.

Download the content26 Definitive Guide to Amazon Advertising to learn how your brand can create a successful Amazon Advertising strategy today.

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