The Definitive Guide to Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon is the largest retailer on the Internet, and over 60% of online shoppers start their product searches on Amazon – more than any other search engine. By using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), companies can effectively increase the discoverability of their products with targeted ads that appear where interested customers are most likely to see them.

There are a lot of moving parts involved in creating and maintaining a successful AMS campaign, and it can be hard to know exactly where to start.

With this in mind, we’ve written a new resource called The Definitive Guide to Amazon Marketing Services to help vendors get up to speed on this essential tool for increasing visibility and sales on Amazon.

The Definitive Guide to Amazon Marketing Services

Here are some of the key points covered in the guide:

Understanding the Essentials of Amazon Marketing Services

We outline the three basic AMS campaign ad-types – Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Product Ads and Product Display Ads – and lay out simply how each option works within each stage of the buyer’s journey.

For AMS ads, vendors bid on keywords relevant to their products and only pay when customers click on their ads. This keyword-targeted advertising ensures only relevant ads are displayed to searching shoppers.

Tips for Managing Successful AMS Campaigns

Once they start an AMS campaign, vendors often use Amazon’s Automatic Keyword Targeting algorithm to “set it and forget it”. Another option for vendors is to manually optimize AMS campaigns by testing new keywords and continually adjusting keyword bids.

While vendors can expect increased sales and impressions using automatic targeting, we’ve found that manually managed campaigns return about 3x more revenue than automated campaigns during the same time period.

Why AMS is a Smart Investment

Even though more customers start their product searches on Amazon than anywhere else online, vendors routinely invest much more in ad campaigns on Google AdWords than Amazon. Because of this, AMS Cost Per Click for many popular keywords remains low despite having higher conversion rates because potential customers are closer the point of sale.

Product Marketing on the Cutting Edge of Ecommerce

AMS campaigns can easily be profitable in the short-term, but getting long-term value out of Amazon advertising relies on an understanding of how to create dynamic content within Amazon.

Though advertising is an indispensable tool, the product page is still the finish line where essential and enhanced content answers the shopper’s questions and closes the sale.

Creating year-round ad campaigns in tandem with dynamic product page content that is regularly optimized is the best way to ensure a seamless buying experience for customers and get maximum return from your ad spend.

Our definitive Amazon Marketing Services guide outlines the best ways to make your campaign and product page content agile and strategic while staying on the forefront of ecommerce trends.

The Takeaway:

Download The Definitive Guide to Amazon Marketing Services to start optimizing AMS campaigns and get the most out of your ad spend.

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