The Digital Age Requires Companies to Broaden

UX Booth editor Marli Mesibov reached out to several of the speakers at the content strategist conference Confab next month. One of the speakers, Jonathan Kahn, will discuss how forming a content strategy “is just one piece of the challenge of digital transformation.”c26-ropo

Alongside discussions about creating content that makes sense in the Digital Age, companies need to re-think basic business models, organizational structure, and the product development process. This can result in a very different approach to both doing business and creating content, an approach that oftentimes pushes content strategists (and the people they work with) outside their comfort zones, Kahn notes.

“To make our organizations sustainable, we need to change culture in a way that’s broader than content strategy, incorporating practices we know little about: service design, agile development, and cross-functional teams,” he says.

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