The iPad 3 Hype: Good for Online Retailers

If the date March 7th doesn’t spark a little bit of full-toothed glee for you, you may not be a sell-my-car-to-buy-a-Mac-product consumer. That’s cool. I wouldn’t hold it against you. But if the date March 7th–the day of the iPad 3 release–doesn’t at least give you a it’s-happening-again feeling, you may need to take a good look at your mobile strategy, according to Mike Randazzo. In an interview with Daily Deal Media, Randazzo explained why he believes the newest iPad will revolutionize mobile commerce.

His opinion that Apple holds a key to m-commerce has plenty of backing, to be sure. He cites a RichRelevance study that found over 90 percent of mobile purchases were completed through Apple devices in December 2011. We’ve also seen that tablet users are more than happy to spend money; an Adobe study reported that consumers viewing e-commerce websites on tablets spent 54 percent more than mobile users and 21 percent more than desktop users per purchase in 2011. With the supposedly improved screen (people are still taking bets on what will be updated), it may be easier than ever to browse and buy via the tablet. But even if a little screen adjustment and increased tablet ownership don’t work the magic that Randazzo predicts, it is clearer than our office windows that tablet users are a valuable demographic for online retailers.

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