The SanDisk Product Page: A Showcase for Uncluttered Design

I recently made a case for a minimalist approach to online product detail page designs. Well-designed product pages are essential to helping online shoppers locate specific product information which, in turn, increases the likelihood that they’ll click the buy button.

So what does this minimalist approach look like? Let me walk you through this understated-yet-effective SanDisk product page on Amazon:
SanDisk product page

“Clip Zip is one of our top sellers on Amazon, and a lot of its success is because of the A+ page. The page is designed to be easy to read and navigate. The text has been written to accurately show the Clip Zip’s product benefits, and the lifestyle images clearly show how our customers use the Clip Zip in their everyday lives.”

Sharmeen Fazal Lalani

SanDisk Senior Channel Marketing Manager

SanDisk’s Sansa Clip Zip page is important for what it does do as well as what it doesn’t do. Online shoppers won’t be overwhelmed by another dazzling sales pitch. Instead, they’ll find straightforward user benefits, a clickable selection of colors, and a bulleted list of the product’s best features.

It’s About Content Merchandising, Not Marketing

I’m not the only fan of this product page. There are more than 500 customer reviews of the product, and SanDisk Senior Channel Marketing Manager Sharmeen Fazal Lalani said it’s one of the company’s top sellers on Amazon.

Sharmeen agrees that the A+ product page is part of what makes the Clip Zip stand out on Amazon.

This page doesn’t have to call out “pick me” like physical packaging does in a brick-and-mortar store. Instead, with its less-is-more approach, the page confidently points in the direction of the buy button.

Here’s a link to the full Clip Zip SanDisk product page on Amazon. Also, be sure to check out the larger version of our annotated Clip Zip product page here.

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