The Shifting Mobile Mindset, Quickly Fading Brand Hype, and Bonus Amazon Tips

Ask not what your technology already does, but what you can do with your technology. The changing mindset of the mobile user expects technology to be incredibly relevant to day-to-day life, and Lisa Arthur’s article on the Forbes blog offers some excellent suggestions on how online retailers can adapt to meet these expectations. One of the key differences in the mobile experience is (are you ready for this?) mobility. Arthur strongly suggests considering location when developing a mobile strategy, implementing location- and time-specific deals and information. Other tips to consider include building trust by not overstepping bounds and creating short chunks of content, keeping limited attention spans and limited bandwidth in mind.

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We’ve heard that knowledge is power–and businesses often have a wealth of information that consumers would be not only willing, but eager, to hear, according to a study by Custom Content Council. The study found that 75 percent of consumers appreciate informational articles published by brands, and aren’t bothered by the fact that the producer of the content is selling something. The article also reports that 75 percent prefer this type of content merchandising to ads, illustrating the shift from rah-rah brand hype to solid content.

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Appropriately, Practical eCommerce gives practical tips on how to make Amazon work for your business. The article offers six ways to use the site, from the more obvious–selling on the site–to the less obvious–using the site’s data storage services on a pay-per-use basis. The pros and cons are especially helpful for determining what might work well for your company.

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