The Social Consumer and Writing with a Purpose

A Panoramic View of the Social Consumer

We’ve talked about F-commerce and whether it will swallow e-commerce whole or flop out onto dry land to die. One of the most relevant questions running through this debate is: Who is the social consumer?

Lauren Drell, on Mashable, posted an intriguing infographic that tackles this question. The graphic separates consumers into high sharers and low sharers, and looks at who they are and their circles of influence. Of surprising note, the infographic reveals that 20 percent of the sampled group used Facebook to research a product at least once a week. Once a week. Wow. The dry-land-death scenario is looking less and less likely.

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Don’t Just Write–Write Intentionally

True–writing is a creative process. But, sadly, your sales pages will be less than effective if your creativity leads you down the path of e.e. cummings. As we have discussed, online sales depend on trust, and trust depends on how you present your company through copy and images. If you don’t follow standard writing conventions, will you follow standard shipping conventions? To prevent the consumer from having to ask this question, Amanda Milligan, on Blue Glass, proposes a style guide. She writes that it builds brand authority and can help control how others perceive the brand. We strongly agree.

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