The Year in Review at content26

Some Things We Did in 2013

Just about a year ago, content26 tore up our Master Service Agreement with Amazon and set out upon a grand new adventure in e-commerce without that giant albatross.

We translated content into 22 languages: German, European Spanish, European French, Italian, European Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic (universal), Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Canadian French, simplified Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, and Danish.

The editorial team instituted a writer rating and bonus system to ensure continued top-notch quality in our content production.

Olympic-treesMost of us took a holiday retreat to the stunning Olympic Peninsula coast instead of having yet another restaurant-hosted holiday dinner.

We added a writer portal to our website to improve the application process and an estimate tool to make it easier for manufacturers and brands to get a conversation started about how to create top-notch e-commerce content. We also started to gather our own data on page view changes from adding enhanced content.

We retired Audrey Hepburn as our office mascot and welcomed Jake Pataki into that role.

And I wrote this and a few other blog posts while also reading xkcd.

Some Things We’ll Do in 2014

Move this blog onto as part of our shifting content marketing strategy and continue to update our sales process.

Develop a strategy for mobile content and device-agnostic content (also called anamorphic content) based partly on information gleaned from interviews in our Design for Mobile Commerce series.

Retire Jake Pataki as office mascot (he barks too much) and welcome Kunik into that role (just as soon as he can last a few hours without peeing on the carpet).

Happy New Year!


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