Think Like a Customer: Video, Writing, and Constant Updates

Use Product Video Instead of a Touching Experience

Until the future arrives, and with it a-, b-, c-, d-, and z-commerce, consumers will have to go into a brick-and-mortar store to feel the fur of each plush toy they are considering for their child’s birthday gift.

For now, there is a way online retailers can help their consumers out with this: video. A 360-degree product video or a demonstration video with someone else feeling the fur can help give customers the confidence to buy. A post by the experts at 3dcart gives a few quick tips on creating product videos. For one, you don’t need something long or complicated. The recommendation that stands a head above the rest is to think like your customers. What would your customers like to see if they were in a store to pick up your product?

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Use Your Written Voice to Connect with Your Audience

On Copyblogger, guest poster Cori Padgett hands out advice on finding your writing voice. “What does this have to do with my product page?” you may ask yourself. Cori tells us to find our voices by speaking the readers’ language, reminding us that most Internet users read at a grade-school level. What kind of language does your product page have…”insofar” and “determinant?” If your written copy looks like a Columbia grad school dissertation, you may need to rethink. Getting your message across to readers means making sure they can access the information.

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Use Never-Ending Content Updates to Pave the Way for SEO Success

Like Ariel at the end of “The Little Mermaid,” you may have already found your voice. Congratulations! But unlike Disney fairy tales, there is no happily-ever-after (or movie credit roll) to end the ceaseless work of us content merchandisers. Michael Gray, on his Graywolf SEO blog, investigates how and when to update your online content. Ideally, update as often as possible. But first, audit your current content to gauge updating needs, focusing on which pages are driving traffic and which pages are weaker. Other than that, the advice remains shaky. Update schedules really depend on your business and original content needs. Still, one thing remains certain across all websites: outdated content will never sell, and SEO can only benefit from creating new content.

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