Tips for On-Page SEO Optimization

Paddy Moogan of SEOmoz recently shared a must-read list on how to jump to the head of the class when it comes to on-page optimization for e-commerce websites. The items that stand out are the significance of customer reviews, quality images, product videos, social sharing, and product descriptions. We’ve touched on the importance of each of these on Content Ping, but thought this was a terrific list that really puts it in perspective when thinking about SEO. Paddy also covers plenty more “under-the-hood” details that are essential to SEO success.

The thing that Paddy really drives home is that it is not just about getting people to your site from search engines, but sparking conversions once the traffic arrives. Sometimes people spend so much time working behind the scenes on their SEO optimization that they forget the real bread and butter, which is a user-friendly site coupled with great content and high quality images. Whether you’re already taking the necessary steps towards increasing SEO and on-page conversion or are just starting out, this article will be a valuable resource.

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