Our 5 Best Posts on Strategic Product Pages

As 2015 draws to a close and we all look forward to 2016, we wanted to share the posts that have seen the most traffic and engagement during the course of the year on the content26 blog.

We often share insights and observations about ecommerce, product pages, and how to drive more conversions in the digital shopping experience. So it’s great to see which posts prove most popular and rise to the top.

Without further ado, the top 5 of 2015!

1. Our infographic, How Online Content Increases Offline Sales, proved once again that a brand’s online presence is becoming ever more valuable to the bottom line. It was also a good reminder that the product page contributes across the board, from Buy button clicks to in-store purchases. Research from Forrester shows that webrooming (the online equivalent of showrooming) will increase sales by nearly $1 trillion by 2017. So the proof is in the pudding: strategic attention to your product pages pays off for your brand, both online and off.

2. We paid a lot of attention to the selling power of CPG product pages this year, as did our occasional guest posters, Profitero. Their contribution, Shoppers Look for Images on CPG Product Pages, articulated through various brand and retailer examples what kind of product images attract the most consumer attention.

3. Creating Smart Content for Product Families from our Director of Content, Trinity Hartman, provided timely and specific insider tips about how to market related products online. Trinity offered advice on how to use techniques such as boilerplating and storytelling for product families sold on Amazon.

4. Our President Mark White’s Four Reasons Amazon is the New Google hit our pages late this year and continues to be a popular read. If you sell anything on Amazon or use Google (which is to say if you use the internet), the appeal is in the title. Mark’s commentary on the changing relationship between brands and Amazon was must-read material if you’re in the ecommerce market.

5. The same can be said of our CEO Tony Martinelli’s post from last month, Introducing the Content Innovation Cycle. Content26 has long established itself as a leader in the ecommerce game, and in this post Tony let readers in on the ways our production process will begin to incorporate data and analytics to create more effective product pages. Companies on the cutting edge of the ecommerce market understand that content is a critical element to a successful brand and that a powerful product page is perpetually relevant, accurate, and engages returning and new customers alike.

There will be more great insights and observations offered in 2016 as we continue help brands optimize the online shopping experience.

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