Transmedia: Telling the Story of Your Brand Across Mediums

Transmedia: The Birth of Fractured, Engaging Storytelling

While it’s still a fledgling thought, the concept of transmedia is beginning to spread its wings. Although it lacks a good, solid definition, transmedia is poised to take flight. Rich Fahle of the Video Commerce Consortium gives us part one of a spot-on article covering the basics of this young notion.

Transmedia sees online content as a well-oiled machine: video, written content, photos, apps, and other mediums yet-undiscovered working together to create a complete picture of your company. Each component takes advantage of its unique market and platform, working independently to address a specific piece of your business. Yet, each component is also connected to the other parts, illustrating the story behind your brand.

The content will and should overlap, but, according to Fahle, marketers do best to consider “a new, more nuanced goal, one that considers the communication canvas in full, conveying different parts of the story to different channels. By taking advantage of each channel’s strengths and creating unique extensions of a story based on those elements, the possibility for a deeper and more engaged experience emerges.”

Soon, we’ll explain how to tune your content merchandising to fit a variety of readership needs.

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Growth in Online Commerce, Visualized

In case you missed it on Friday, Linda Bustos of Get Elastic posted a superb infographic that pulls together random e-commerce facts. At its core, every fact underlines the expansive growth of e-commerce. A quick tidbit to whet your appetite: E-commerce sales around the globe are growing more than 19 percent a year. If you are of the impression that online market growth is no longer news, this graphic at least offers the added benefit of an attractive, engaging design.

See the stats on

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