Unilever Case Study: A History of Success with Amazon Content

When Unilever and content26 began their partnership in 2012, the consumer packaged goods giant was among the leaders in its category to recognize the value of well-crafted enhanced content on Amazon.

Content26 began by running a pilot project to revamp 150 product pages of pre-existing Unilever Amazon content. The pilot was a success, and content26 has since created more than 2,000 product pages across 35 brands and multiple online channels.

More than just creating a vast amount of content, the team at content26 has focused on the quality of the content. Product information describing a product’s features and benefits stand above content that attempts to build brand awareness when a consumer is at a point of purchase. Content26 blends this style of content with keywords to create best-in-class content. This approach to Unilever Amazon content has led Doug Straton, now Unilever’s VP of eCommerce and Omnichannel Strategy, to describe the work as “magic.”

As a trusted partner of Unilever, content26 has helped with many other pieces of the large ecommerce puzzle: creating and translating basic content for Amazon Canada, working with subsidiary Unilever Food Solutions on Amazon Marketing Services to increase discoverability, and preparing content for the launch of the Baby Dove brand.

Read our newest case study for a glimpse into the ways content26 has been helping with Unilever Amazon content for more than five years.