Unlocking Premium A+ Content

Amazon has recently unveiled its newest innovation for the product page: Premium A+ Content. Designed to showcase high-resolution photos and rich media, Premium A+ gives brands the opportunity to create a more modern and stylized shopping experience for consumers on Amazon.

Premium A+ offers improved interactivity and visual appeal, but it may not be the best choice for every brand. It’s important to understand the requirements and limitations of Premium A+ content before committing to its premium price tag.

We’ve written a new guide to help brands understand Premium A+ content and if it’s right for them–Unlocking Premium A+ Content.

Here are some of the key points covered in the guide:

What’s New with Premium A+ Content?

Like Basic A+ content, Premium A+ uses a modular design. While Basic A+ allows five modules, Premium A+ content allows seven modules total. Premium A+ modules offer full-width images, expanded rich media options and embedded video.  Each new feature is outlined in detail in the guide.

Amazon Premium A+ Content

Is Premium A+ Right for Your Product Page?

The visual design of Premium A+ is ideal for brands that can tell a compelling story with top-notch imagery that stands out on the digital shelf but may not be a perfect fit for products that require text-heavy explanations of multiple features. Our guide breaks down the positives and negatives of how Premium A+ can work with different types of products and different types of shoppers.

Is Your Brand Ready for Premium A+ Content?

Unlocking Premium A+ Content includes a simple quiz to help brands understand whether or not they are ready to move forward with the new service. Whether it’s Basic or Premium, every brand should have a strategy for adding A+ content to product pages to build shopper confidence and increase sales. Our quiz will help brands understand which approach is right for their brand based on existing marketing assets, current A+ content, budget, and more.

Advice for Brands

Premium A+ is an exciting new way to help products stand out on Amazon’s digital shelf, but not all brands will be able to take advantage of its features equally. Our guide offers some key advice to brands to help them unleash the full potential of Premium A+ content.

Download Unlocking Premium A+ Content to learn about Amazon’s newest A+ modules to see if it’s the right choice for your brand.

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