The Updated content26 Guide to Amazon A+ Content Requirements

Amazon is an ecommerce juggernaut and most consumer brands should have their products listed on Amazon. But product pages on the world’s largest online retailer need to meet Amazon’s content requirements. We’ve recently updated our Guide to Amazon A+ Content Requirements, to give brands a cheat sheet of the Amazon style guide for making product page content on Amazon.

Our guide starts with the basics of creating content with Amazon, including the style and structure requirements for product information. These tips go beyond what is simply allowed and disallowed to more nuanced advice about phrasing and gimmicks that are less effective at boosting conversion and customer satisfaction than simply providing info-rich content.

For brands looking to create Amazon Premium A+ content, we break down how the new modules work, including how many modules you can use, text and image limitations, and which kinds of rich media can be included in the product showcases.

Whether your brand is looking to add or improve product page content on Amazon, the information in our Guide to Amazon A+ Content Requirements will ensure you have the fundamental knowledge necessary to get your product pages approved by Amazon.

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