Utilizing Consumer Generated Testimonials

Over at Video Commerce, Grant Crowell talks with VideoGenie CEO Justin Nassiri about the growing benefits of user-generated video testimonials.  Together, the pair delivers five reasons why this type of video can build better customer relations.

The first thing Nassiri points out is that video testimonials can attract the attention of a consumer quickly. He says that most users spend only 5-10 seconds on a website before making a decision to stay or leave. Making an emotional connection with your customer right off the bat can keep them on your page and help give them that much desired peer-to-peer connection.

Consumer testimonials are authentic and share a reliable point of view that shoppers appreciate. This in turn builds trust with consumers and can be more powerful than text and photos alone. In fact, peers often times can carry more influence than the brands themselves. Nassiri references Yelp and how much power individuals can hold over a particular business, claiming that this is amplified when leveraged with video.

Lower production costs are another key reason to consider this type of video. Plain and simple, with user generated content you don’t have to front the production costs and time as you do with standard video production. Even if the production quality isn’t great, it’s the content that counts when dealing with this type of video.

Placing these videos directly on your Facbook page or other social sites can help create a word-of-mouth buzz about your brand or product. Nassiri says that “by featuring your owns customers and fans as the stars of your videos, they are more likely to increase their word-of-mouth marketing on your behalf, and become evangelists for your brand.”

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